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Ship Building Contest

jboyz4 a posted Oct 24, 15

Ejpcreep has made a generous offer to host a massive Ship Building contest on the 1st Friday of November. All players are required to get their ship to spawn by that date! There will be amazing prizes for each of the winners!

squares_r_cool X: 627 Z: 1688 I wasn't going to give out the coords of my old base I gave away...until they killed me while I was...
rickytaco101 free cords x1200 z3800

Cloud's Base Coords

jboyz4 a posted Oct 24, 15

xXCloudWraithXx has donated his extremely over powered base to the server, and in order to get more players on I am launching a 24/7 raiding event on his base. The Coords are 5000x #y 9000z. Staff and a few select players will be defending.

Pvp Event

jboyz4 a posted Oct 18, 15

I plan to host a pvp event today, The event will start whenever we get at least 10 players on. The Prizes will be:

1st Place: 1/4 of any rank or $5 coupon

2nd Place: Flagship Voucher

3rd Place: Deity Kit

We are good to go!

jboyz4 a posted Jul 12, 15

I have finished loading in spawn, bal and stats also stayed, but like I predicted, inventories and enderchests are gone.

rickytaco101 j u told me to do a froum of the sever for staff is this it


jboyz4 a posted Jul 11, 15

As of right now I have added a sale on all ranks; 35% off. Remember there are new and better kits that are more reflexsive of the economy. I will try to have all of the Ranks updated by the end of the day.

Alex How long is the server planned to be down as of now?
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