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Welcome to CrimsonSkylands!


We are good to go!

jboyz4 a posted Jul 12, 15

I have finished loading in spawn, bal and stats also stayed, but like I predicted, inventories and enderchests are gone.


jboyz4 a posted Jul 11, 15

As of right now I have added a sale on all ranks; 35% off. Remember there are new and better kits that are more reflexsive of the economy. I will try to have all of the Ranks updated by the end of the day.

Alex How long is the server planned to be down as of now?

Whitelist is down!

jboyz4 a posted Jul 8, 15

I will host a dp after the reset for compensation.

Reason For Whitelist

jboyz4 a posted Jul 8, 15

I have come into some trouble with the server, and had to temporary close it down. It will be back up soon and I will compensate for everything. Thank you.


jboyz4 a posted Jun 28, 15

The map reset will take place on July 11th. Mcmmo, balance, and spawn will stay, make sure to get your ships to spawn before the deadline, and take a screenshot of your stats in case they reset while updating mcmmo. There will be a new land gen plugin, mcmmo and movecraft will update also.

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