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zakaeth aOwner posted Feb 7, 15

Due to an..... "incident", I will be severely limiting the amount of tps, money, items and etc. i give to players, and will be returning to the way I used to treat handouts. This does not mean I will never give them, or impose further restrictions on other staff, just on myself individually. Thanks.

Server is Back Online

MrJcfire2 a posted Jan 21, 15

The server is back online for you to play, however if you connecting to the server using: you MUST change this to to be able to join.

Experiencing Problems Connecting?

zakaeth aOwner posted Jan 20, 15
If you are currently connecting to the server using and you you cannot connect to our server please join using the IP: We hope for this to only last around 48 hours following this post before you can once again connect using

We thank you for your co-operation,


Thanksgiving Contest

MrJcfire2 a posted Nov 27, 14
Contest Winners
Congratz to the winners of the Thanksgiving Day Zak LookAlike Contest: PaintLight and camden25!!

Higher Expectations From Staff

zakaeth aOwner posted Oct 8, 14
In the past, a staff member could be demoted if he or she abused their position. Now, I am imposing higher standards for the staff in our employ. I am calling on all staff members not only to not do things wrong, but also to do things right. What this means is I want staff members who actively strive to make the server better and to help players, putting the players needs before their own. I don't want staff members who when something is asked of them that they find too difficult, menial, menial or time consuming to do, they put it off or don't do it. I want staff members who will actively try to complete the tasks I ask of them. I think this will make CrimsonSkylands an all around better server.
bosses12and3 the server has shut down! i want to play on this awesome server.
clonehero Maybe you should make players that actually know what they are doing staff, instead of making random people who just sta ...
pepsi700 I can try that I always was good at following orders (not that it is always a good thing...) But what does menial mean ...
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