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Welcome to CrimsonSkylands!


New Ranks!

MrJcfire2 aOwner posted Mar 21, 14
The [SkyGod] and [VoidGod] are now available from the donation store! Also do you want to level up your mcMMO skills quickly? Buy some mcMMO tokens from the store.

Christmas Raffle Results!

MrJcfire2 aOwner posted Dec 26, 13
So yesterday we had our Christmas raffle. Here are the results:

Winner of the Ship: HazeFadedPurple.
Winner of the 10% coupon: CreeperDame.
Winner of the 25% coupon: DoctorNoodles.
Winner of the 50% coupon: DrBreadGun.

All the winners of the coupons will receive the code when they are next online and have until the 31st January to use them.

1.7.4 is finally here!

MrJcfire2 aOwner posted Dec 11, 13
Whoo! We have finally been able to update our server to a stable version of 1.7.4! This minecraft version includes: New biomes, new items, new fish, etc. For the people worrying about a map reset, it's good news. We haven't to carry out a map reset!

Also don't forget to buy your tickets for our christmas raffle for your chance to win some great prizes like 50%, 25%, and 10% off coupons or even a christmas ship!

Happy Flying Everyone!

Christmas Raffle

MrJcfire2 aOwner posted Dec 8, 13
For a bit of Christmas fun we have decided to host a raffle! You can enter by getting a ticket from our store, You can buy upto 3 tickets per user. Remember, the more you have the bigger your chance of winning!

Grand Prize - 50% off the store!
2nd Prize - 25% off the store!
3rd Prize - 10% off the store!
4th Prize - The Christmas Ship (Filled with goodies)


Good Luck!

Halloween Fun

Di5turbedCreeper aOwner posted Oct 31, 13
It's Halloween! And We're gonna shock you tonight. There are going to be some new ranks and even a little treat for any players online, not to mention our 20% sale on everything! Make sure you're on tonight!
prettycows5 WHAT!!!!!! I was on and I got nothing
emilis987654321 Officer I got a FREE Officer rank for that :DDDD ...
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