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Thanksgiving Contest

MrJcfire2 a posted Nov 27, 14
Contest Winners
Congratz to the winners of the Thanksgiving Day Zak LookAlike Contest: PaintLight and camden25!!

Higher Expectations From Staff

zakaeth aOwner posted Oct 8, 14
In the past, a staff member could be demoted if he or she abused their position. Now, I am imposing higher standards for the staff in our employ. I am calling on all staff members not only to not do things wrong, but also to do things right. What this means is I want staff members who actively strive to make the server better and to help players, putting the players needs before their own. I don't want staff members who when something is asked of them that they find too difficult, menial, menial or time consuming to do, they put it off or don't do it. I want staff members who will actively try to complete the tasks I ask of them. I think this will make CrimsonSkylands an all around better server.
clonehero Maybe you should make players that actually know what they are doing staff, instead of making random people who just sta ...
pepsi700 I can try that I always was good at following orders (not that it is always a good thing...) But what does menial mean ...

Why the server was down

zakaeth aOwner posted Sep 29, 14
Sorry about the server going down, But it wasn't entirely our fault. Due to the lack of donations this month, and the fact that Jc is not paying for any more months, I had to pay both shares of rent from my own pocket. In the future, When there are more donators, I am sure this won't happen.
pepsi700 Jeez, what has gotten into you guys? Just because you guys don't like the staff doesn't mean you should ruin the experi ...
clonehero I am not donating anymore, already have donated $160 to Jc and Di5 and i am definitely not donating to you guys
Hunk00 x You wonder why there are no donators because no one wants to donate anymore cause of abusive staff and how much this ser ...
As you probably already know, Di5 is no longer owner. He is now Head-admin, and I, zakaeth, or Zak, have replaced him. As you might NOT know, however, CreeperDame is no longer admin, for reasons I will not go into. Haze is replacing him and Creeper is now Mod. Jboyz, I am happy to say is now helper, and Faston4wheels is banned. HAVE FUN SKYLANDING!!!
jboyz4 Moderator Hunk he is still a staff member, show some respect please.
Hunk00 x Good creeper didn't deserve it
So, you've probably realized there's been an absence of the owners recently, we've been busy leaving school, taking exams and working etc, now that summer is here I will have a little more spare time and hopefully will be online alot more. I'll be working on the server, fixing bugs and trying to expand the playerbase. If I'm successful in players then I shall consider NEW Staff, gaining "Helpers" from the older and polite players to help the new ones, and upgrading previous Staff such as giving old helpers a chance at Trial - Mod. If you have any questions or want to remind me of yourself I suggest you do so!
Spacedwarf97 Hey Di5 I lost my helper and my officer rank I would like to clarify if this is a mod crash or something or if it was d ...
[Admin] HazeFadedPurple In the past Helpers were always picked by the Owners but I don't know f that will change.
clonehero Hello, glad to know that you plan on getting on some more!
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