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Welcome to CrimsonSkylands!

So, you've probably realized there's been an absence of the owners recently, we've been busy leaving school, taking exams and working etc, now that summer is here I will have a little more spare time and hopefully will be online alot more. I'll be working on the server, fixing bugs and trying to expand the playerbase. If I'm successful in players then I shall consider NEW Staff, gaining "Helpers" from the older and polite players to help the new ones, and upgrading previous Staff such as giving old helpers a chance at Trial - Mod. If you have any questions or want to remind me of yourself I suggest you do so!
Spacedwarf97 Hey Di5 I lost my helper and my officer rank I would like to clarify if this is a mod crash or something or if it was d ...
HazeFadedPurple In the past Helpers were always picked by the Owners but I don't know f that will change.
clonehero Hello, glad to know that you plan on getting on some more!

PvP Mines!

Di5turbedCreeper aOwner posted Jun 13, 14
We're aware of a lack of rare materials in the world, such as diamonds,redstone, emeralds, gold etc. So we're making a mine next to the tree farm. This won't be any normal mine, PvP is enabled at all times inside the mines, so if you're diving deep for diamonds then beware. You can mine to win, or kill to win. Either way, you choose. The mine will contain materials such as: Ores, (Coal, iron, gold, emerald, diamond) Gravel, Clay (due to lack of it) Dirt and of course the one you've ALL been waiting for... STONE! YAY. I'll post on the site when the mines are open and ready.
jboyz4 will the villager trading be done by tonight?
Ghanti It's fun but annoying.
jboyz4 Great Idea, whoever thought of it, maybe donators could have a more valuable pit that made some ores more common? The wh ...

We're Back Online!

MrJcfire2 aOwner
MrJcfire2 @ CrimsonSkylands
posted Jun 10, 14
Hi there,

We would like to let you know that after the unexpected delays encounted during the maintainance. But the server is now back online for you all to play. We wish you a less laggy and more fin experience from now on.

Thanks again for your patience through our downtime,

jboyz4 i think you need to do another check, because everyone is crashing left and right.

Server Maintenance

MrJcfire2 aOwner
MrJcfire2 @ CrimsonSkylands
posted Jun 10, 14

I would just like to let you know the reason for the server being 'Offline'. We are currently running a map repair to hopefully fix some lag issues around the spawn area. We hope to be back online in the next 2-4 hours.

Thank you for you patience,

jboyz4 so what exactly are you guys doing, recoding, removing unused chunks, reloading the server?
Ghanti If you would email me when the server is back up that would be awesome. ...
jboyz4 what would*

Messy Port

Di5turbedCreeper aOwner posted May 31, 14
It's come to my attention recently that a lot of junk is hovering around port suspended in the air, such as small boats, long strings of ships and messy looking things. This is just a reminder that the port needs to be kept tidy. If you're staying in Port, dock your ship properly and give yourself enough room, there is TONS of space right now and everyone decides to all park together and get stuck. If ships look like they are trash and are not moved and sorted out then they will be taken to the Graveyard or destroyed. PLEASE keep the airspace around Port tidy and the docking areas too!
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