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Why the Shop is Down

jboyz4 aOwner posted May 2, 16

Because of the EULA, We need to change the store. All players who have purchased ranks will continue to keep them and the perks, but all ranks, and perms will now be available from the trading shop. If you have any ideas for potential new items in the store please message me through enjin.

jboyz4 aOwner Its in the quartz building, It isnt completely completed yet because I can't magically fix everything
soulerlunar Where is the trade shop on the server for ranks?

Treasure Hunt

jboyz4 aOwner posted Apr 30, 16

Three Extremely Large Ships have flown in to Crimson Skylands FULL of loot! They are scattered throughout the map and whatever you harvest from the massive airships are yours to keep. 

****There will be no Hints, tps, or Clues when It comes to these ships, you must find them yourselves.****

DinoRoar97 Jboyz4, I know for a fact that 2 have been found. What about the 3rd, has that one been found yet?? What quadrant would ...
captain274 jboyz4 Can you describe at least what the ships look like?
captain274 Watch out guys! I'm gonna search like hell for these ships GL TO ALL!!! Btw I'd like you guys to not search r...

The original ip will work for everyone one within the 24 hours but use this if you can't connect

New Hosts

jboyz4 aOwner posted Apr 19, 16

We have noticed an increase in lag over recent weeks and are changing providers. This will reduce lag and allow us to continue to upgrade the server experience. However the Server will be shut down for a day or two so we can transfer the files. We will have a drop party once the server is back up!

DinoRoar97 When is the Dp? Or has it passed?
ejpcreep That's why server has been down...

A Few Changes

jboyz4 aOwner posted Apr 19, 16

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce some huge improvements in gameplay, specifically in movecraft which is the hard and soul of Crimson. From now on ships will now sink when they dip below the required flyblock (wool) percentage. We will also be adding new ship types that will only be accessible through trading or donating. Missiles are now from 3 to 12 blocks and Torpedos are 2 to 6 blocks. Another plugin is also being added called Structure in a Box or SiB. SiB will be made so players can trade for ships made by admins. We will continue to work to make Crimson Skylands a more complete server and ask for your suggestions below.

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